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Our Mission

Highland Community Residential Services (HCRS) exists to foster personal growth, independent living and a high quality of life for persons with a developmental disability and/or who are dealing with a mental health challenge. Our goal is to provide lifetime opportunities for individuals to live independently to the fullest extent of their ability within their community. HCRS will be guided and held accountable to these values in the decisions and actions of staff, volunteers and the Board: integrity and honesty; equality and inclusion;

respect and acceptance; and, quality, person-centered, relationship-based service delivery.




1977 - HCRS established 

1977 - HCRS opened its first residential support program. 

1978 - HCRS opened a second residential support program. 

1985 - HCRS opened a Supervised Apartment program. 

1988 - HCRS opened its first Small Option home. 

1995 - HCRS opened a Small Option Program for Children. 

1999 - HCRS accepted a contract to develop the Northern Region Respite Service (NRRS). 

2002 - HCRS accepted responsibility to provide a summer day program for children with an intellectual disability in Pictou County. 

2006 - HCRS was awarded three-year funding by United Way of Pictou County to develop sustainable social networks for children with intellectual disabilities. 

2007 - HCRS was awarded two-year funding by United Way of Pictou County to develop Inclusion Workers in Pictou County that will provide support to the sustainable social networks. 

2007 - HCRS accepted a contract to provide an Independent Living Support Program. 

2008 - HCRS moved into a brand new replacement group home. 


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